Prabhu Deva and Nayanatara were seen enjoying the night life in Chennai


After their live show in Chennai the matter did not end there, both Prabhu Deva and Nayanatara were seen enjoying the night life in Chennai and those who spotted them say that there is no doubt about their relationship.

Though Nayantara keeps denying the affair, her acts don’t seem to indicate a platonic relationship with the much married Prabhu Deva. Many feel that the couple is not coming out openly about the relationship as it may mar Nayantara’s career as a heroine.

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Nayantara has refused to star alongside Crazy star Ravichandran


Popular Tamil actress Nayantara has reportedly refused to star alongside Crazy star Ravichandran in his upcoming Kannada movie Keechaka. Sources claim that Nayan’s marriage with choreographer-turned-director Prabhu Deva has made her turn down the offer. It was reported earlier that Nayan had agreed to act in the Kannada movie.

Nayantara’s denial came to light late after she did not attend the Mahurtha of the movie on October 18 last Sunday. It was said that Ravichandran had explained her about her role in the movie Keechaka over phone. She had happily accepted the offer, said producer Maniratna. Then what made her leave the project at the last moment. Sources claim that Ravi had told her about a bikini scene (swimwear), but she did not want to wear bikini. So she left the movie.

However, the actress had sizzled in bikini alongside actor Ajith Kumar in Tamil movie Billa 2007. What happened to her now? Sources claim that Nayan has vowed not to show off her bikini body. She had told producer Maniratna that thereafter she wants to appear only in sari because she is planning to marry her beau choreographer-turned-director Prabhu Deva. Since she is nearing her marriage, she has even decided not to sign more movies.

Keechaka producer Maniratna is now hunting for another heroine after Nayan said good bye to the movie. “We are in helpless condition after Nayan refused to play the female lead role in the movie Keechaka. So we are looking for another suitable actress for it,” says the producer.

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Nayanthara would wed with the consent of her parents


Nayanthara had reportedly told that she would wed with the consent of her parents but does not know if it would be a love or arranged marriage. This actress, when speaking to a reporter from a popular Tamil daily said that she would announce her marriage when the time is right.

Nayan added that she is happy over the way her career has shaped up and the success of Bodyguard and Aadhavan is one of the reasons for her happiness.

The actress says that though she has no preference for any specific star, she would never miss an opportunity to act with Kamal Haasan, if an offer came by.

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